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Main Dishes


Main Dishes

    • Main Dishes

    • Tonkotsu ramen


      Our original tonkotsu broth and homemade noodles topped with bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, black fungus, seaweed, spring onion, nitamago and pork belly chashu

    • Spicy tonkotsu ramen (s)


      Tonkotsu broth topped with spicy miso paste

    • Beef niku udon


      Sukiyaki beef, spring onion, in tsuyu bonito soup

    • Crispy chicken udon curry


      Crispy chicken thigh, Japanese curry, spring onion in tsuyu bonito soup

    • Yaki udon


      Mixed vegetables fried noodles with yakisoba sauce

    • Korean cold ramen


      Korean cold ramen

    • Japanese cold udon


      Japanese cold udon